300 tablets weighing 250 mg.

Chlorella belongs to the class of unicellular green algae that grows naturally in fresh water bodies, on soil surfaces and tree trunks around the world.

The name “chlorella” comes from the Greek word “chloros”, which means “greenish yellow”. And this is not surprising, growing, chlorella paints water in bright green color due to the high content of chlorophyll.
Chlorella contains such macro- and microelements as: calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, copper, organic iron, sulfur, zinc, manganese, and chlorella cells are rich in iodine.
In this green algae, there are a lot of B vitamins, according to the content of pantothenic acid with chlorella not one of the natural sources can be compared.

The most interesting thing is that chlorella itself produces a large number of vitamins, including B12, a deficiency of which is often experienced by raw foodists, vegans and vegetarians. An amino acid analysis revealed 40 amino acids, including all irreplaceable ones.

Chlorella has a beneficial effect on the human body.
Strong antioxidant. Rejuvenates the body and cells, maintaining their youth: the spectrum of carotenoids protects the body from the action of free radicals.
Cleanses the body and supplies it with vital substances: eating chlorella has pronounced cleansing properties. That is why it is so necessary for detoxification programs: sporopollenin binds toxic substances, which are then excreted. Chlorella also reduces the level of toxic metals in the body: uranium and cadmium.
Increases immunity: chlorella, which is part of chlorella, strengthens the immune system, contributing to the production of interferon. Helps reduce the likelihood of infections such as acute respiratory infections and acute respiratory viral infections.
It has an anti-cancer effect and is used in the treatment of cancer.
It helps with diabetes, as well as dysbiosis and candidiasis.
Chlorophyll has an anti-inflammatory effect and accelerates the healing of damaged tissues, reduces inflammation and allergies.
Promotes proper digestion. Chlorellin is a natural antibiotic with antibacterial action, preserves the intestinal microflora.
Suitable for people with liver diseases and those who want to restore the liver after alcohol abuse.
It has an anti-stress effect, as it contains tryptophan – the amino acid from which serotonin is formed – the hormone of joy and happiness. In the evening, it turns into melatonin, which promotes healthy sleep.
Strengthens the heart and blood vessels, lowers cholesterol.
Contains a lot of digestible calcium.
The recommended serving of chlorella per day is 3 to 5 grams. One tablet weighs 0.25 grams. Usually, consuming 5 grams per day, a person will be able to experience significant changes in digestion, energy level and overall health. In the first month it is recommended to take twice a day. With the start of taking chlorella, you should increase the amount of water consumed per day. Chlorella can be taken at any time of the day, but is especially useful in the morning on an empty stomach.

Ingredients: chlorella, calcium stearate (tabletting component). Without GMO.

Energy value per 100 g of product: 326 kcal / 1364 kJ.

Nutrition value per 100 g of product: proteins – 56 g, fats – 6 g, carbohydrates – 11 g.

Recommended use: 3 tablets 3 times daily before meals.

Storage conditions: to store at a temperature from 0 C to + 25 C and relative humidity of air no more than 75%.

Shelf life: 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Producer: TOV “Bio Light” Ukraine, Zaporizhzhya region, metro Zaporizhzhya, Soborniy avenue 158, office 250. Tel: +38(093)393-3400


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